Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Exorcism Procedure

Given that he inadvertently numbered the piece 6(66), Assistant Huw Bartlett had primary responsibility here though the actual Exorcism was performed by Trainee Dr. O'Connell and completed by Dr. Gilhooly. Basically the procedure involves the burning, by means of sunlight and magnifying glass of three holes in the work. Three is a lucky number when dealing with luciferian tendencies or satanic issues, it represents the holy trinity, three gods in one, the triptych etc. Four is also good. Light too is an effective antidote to evil (see The Bible). Another way of describing the process used in this instance is: first Abnormalise, then Normalise.


  1. Evidence of those with least responsibility taking fuller than full responsibilty does not exist under normal conditions.


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