Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Pictures left alone in the surgery might weep, moan (in pain or fear), beg or plead (to be looked at, to be loved), shout and demand (to be freed), or be silent, mute (because they want nothing, or because they are dead). The viewer, on the other side of the glass might feel pity, horror, indifference, repulsion, desire. What is it that happens when we become obsessed with the image, over and above its 'referent'...?


  1. Last night's conversation really worth having. Audio aspect will be very good to think about. Plus yout term "Open Art Surgery" bloody great no? I see a kind of production line with artifacts (2D imagery?) at various stages of processing. Different sounds for different ones. We can be direct and clear in deciding what these acoustics might be. Brian Eno, author of the Microsoft Sound, will be impressed with us.

  2. Bloody good story by the way Jonathan. I had not read it before.


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