Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Continuing on from and referring to the previous post. I'm interested in a few other aspects of this and how we might work things out through action.

I wonder what the whole thing will LOOK like. It'd be good to:
1) Get down to the location with cameras
2) Make some mock-ups
3) Carry out trial runs elsewhere (and document those just in case they turn out to be IT)
4) Once we've considered all the things we could put in, deciding what to take out (hopefully we can be ruthless here)

At this stage I imagine a system of pulleys behind the glass, paintings (I think we should stick to 2D work, pictures maybe), this is all work in process waiting to be seen by a specialist, and I think the most interesting thing would be a visibale operating theatre. Perhaps we should do a lot of operating. We don't have to mimic the idea of a GP Surgery directly.

The Surgery will be live for a few hours on weekend days but material will remain for the rest of the time. What this looks like will depend on what we do and amusingly perhaps all our activities and all the intelligence and intellectualism will be summed up more simply by what this looks like and is. Are we going to allow it to simply be generated by our actions or will we be overriding that somehow? I don't want people to have to read a book to understand the thing. Should be gettable, stimulating.

I'm concerned that we discuss before inviting our usual collaborators in. Some diversity might be good, fresh blood, though I guess teams of surgeons often are all from a similar segment of the population.

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  1. Yes a trial run is a good idea. However, we can't second guess what things will look like (the aesthetic) until we have a clearer idea of what it is that we are trying/wanting to do (see my latest post).


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