Tuesday, 15 December 2009


A few years ago it occurred to me that, given the increasing numbers of academically qualified artists, some educated even to PhD level, the concept of an Art Surgery modelled around the idea of a Medical Doctors Surgery would be interesting to experiment with. People could bring along their sick paintings etc. A number of individuals began discussing the practicalities of this. Jonathan Gilhooly and I had already discussed collaborating on something for the next Brighton Festival but had not considered what exactly. Then after the Eureka moment and a discussion with Huw Bartlett I approached Jonathan (soon to be a Doctor as it happens) and since then we have progressed our ideas further and almost finalised agreement to use a space in Brighton, UK, part of a real Medical Doctor's surgery as it happens, which would be ideal for purpose, not least because one of the medical doctors there is also called Doctor Gilhooly. Can you believe that? Justified use of exclamation mark: !

This blog, in conjunction with discussions in pubs and experimentation will be used to help progress our thinking and take this idea forward to a potentially beautiful resolution. It'll be kept out of the public eye initially but we may decide to open it up at a certain stage.

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